Living Room Mood Board

The stunning Jonna rocker armchair from John Lewis

I decided a little interior design mood board was in order as I am soon to be getting my living room back as an adult space.

The photo shoot

Blogging has bought me many wonderful experiences, trips and treats but this is the first photo shoot for a national newspaper article !  

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy

January is one of those months, when the weather is usually awful and we don't have any money, so staying indoors is a much easier option.  Its the perfect time to sort out all the post Christmas clutter and tidy it away freeing the rest of the year up to hopefully, spend more time out and about.  

The White Bedroom

Eclectic style bedroom by Egger`s Einrichten
by Egger`s Einrichten

For me white is peaceful, its calm, its clean and fresh.  I can't think of a better room more suited to white than the bedroom.

The Industrial look Boys Room

Sharing a room when you are twins will always have its ups and downs.  Least of my boys worries though, is the decor. They really don't care.  Although their own personalities have crept into each of their personal spaces, they are happy for me to decorate how I see fit, Result !

Winter White Ski Lodge Style

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Its that time of year when all the festivities are over, the weather is usually grey, wet and cold and all most of us want to do is curl up until spring arrives.  

Quality or Quantity ? School Shoes Review

We know a thing or two about buying school shoes with three sons.  When Start-rite contacted me recently and asked if we would like to review their shoes,