Sorry can't wait .......

I've never been the most patient person.  If I want something, I have to have it now.  If I need to do something, I need to do it now !  This has had varying degrees of success in my life.

The perfect sofa!

I've been looking for the perfect striped sofa for a long time.  I had in my head exactly what I wanted, a relaxed deck chair striped look in blue and white to continue the beachy theme in my living room.  Something that was comfy

Stenvall Interiors

As well as adoring white all my adult life, I have also been totally in love with the design and style of the Nordic countries.   From discovering IKEA whilst serving in Germany in my 20's to the beautiful antique Mora clocks of Sweden,

Tips for Decorating with White

When people see my home for the first time they always exclaim "how do you keep it clean"  or "I could never have an all white home with my children" . 

ROADS luxury Candles

Advocating luxury craftsmanship and unique, exquisite scents, ROADS fragrances are extending their range of premium perfumes to include an equally luxurious range of candles.

Duckydora Autumn Dining

Autumn has arrived and this usually means heating on, wrapping up in coats and scarves and bracing ourselves for the cold.  We have been lucky to have a more gentle start to the season this year but today I can feel the nip in the air.