Recreating the Vintage Appearance of Your Period Property


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Three Top Tips for Recreating the Vintage Appearance of Your Period Property

Period properties have a charm that simply cannot be emulated. The cumulative effect of a hundred or more years of rain dashing against the stones,
antiquated construction methods, and vintage workmanship creates a unique and enchanting home unmatched by modern methods.

However, many period property owners find that, over the years, much of the original appearance of their house has been altered. Windows have been replaced due to weather damage, a modern kitchen has been installed, walls have been knocked down in one place and erected in another, and so on.

In the eyes of some, these changes might improve the appearance of a property. In the view of others, they take away from its antiquated allure. If you fall into the latter camp, then here are three top tips for recreating the original vintage aesthetic of your home.

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Top Tip #1: Replace or Restore Your Windows

From the outside, one of the features that will most heavily impact the aesthetic of your property is the windows. A large number of homes have had them removed and replaced with double-glazing at some point, so restoration simply is not an option. This doesn’t mean that you can’t restore some of their original glory, however. Many specialists, such as Mighton, will be able to outfit you with suitably appropriate alternatives, so that you can recreate your period appearance without losing the benefits of double-glazing.

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Top Tip #2: Rip Up Your Carpets

You will also find that almost every vintage property is outfitted with new carpets. Although some people prefer to hold onto these, a great way to recreate an antiquated feel is to rip them up and uncover the original floorboards or flagstones instead. With a little renovation work, it is relatively simple to restore these to theirformer glory, and with the addition of some antique carpets and vintage accents it is possible to change the whole aesthetic of your interior. 

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Top Tip #3: Look Up

Another brilliant place to focus on when it comes to restoration work is your ceilings. Lots of period properties will contain original features, even if these have been covered over by later work. Uncovering them can make a huge difference to the appearance of a room, especially if you follow this up by installing period-appropriate lighting. Although most homeowners would prefer not to return to the days of living by candlelight, there are many vintage-style light fixtures to choose from, and they are wonderful for adding a lost sense of grandeur and decadence to an older property. 

Make a return to antiquated elegance today: transform your home with these three top tips.     
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