It's a wrap


Super effective and cheap finger print wrapping paper from Pinterest

Every year I promise myself I will get more

Deck the hall (and everywhere else)

 I LOVE Christmas ! I love the anticipation, the excitement and the decorating.  I love the decorating!  This year as I'm no longer self employed I'm not so tired and distracted and it has become a pleasure again. We were really lucky to be sent a Christmas tree to review from Pines and Needles so the decorating started earlier than our usual week before Christmas, but today I finished it all off and I LOVE IT !

Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles

There has never been any discussion when it comes to Christmas trees in our home.  It always has been and always will be "real is best".  I love the look, the smell, the whole experience of going out each year and choosing just the right one.  So I was thrilled to bits when the lovely people at Pines and Needles contacted me and offered to send me one of their best selling Nordman Fir Christmas trees.