White and Blue, how I love you !

Just a quick post today (I have so much work to do and really must knuckle down to it) to show you what I found at this morning's bootsale.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and the buyers were out if force.  Sadly I can't say the same for the sellers but as I arrive early I was able to swoop on a few lovely bits.

First buy of the day, this gorgeous wicker basket, not sure what shape you would call it and its a keeper.  Cost £1.

It has a flat back and rounded front so as soon as I saw it I knew where it was going, on the wall next to my bed.  It's the absolute perfect size and shape to hold my copies of Vintage Life !

I am always on the lookout for white bone china so was thrilled to bits to spot this little lot in a box under a table.  Not all the pieces are shown (they are having a good soak).

The wall unit was a bootsale find too (not today)  and sad and unloved it was.  I gave it a good rub down a lick of paint and lots of Annie Sloan wax and now it looks a treat.  For sale (UK only)  .

I love candles and have them all over my home, so am always on the lookout for them.  Found this massive church candles on the cats protection charity stall for just £1 each.  The pic does not do them justice, you can't see how big they are but they are stood on the floor against the wall.  The candle holders measure about 20 inches in height.

My stock and what I sell is always evolving.  I've noticed that jewellery seems to be really popular at Vintage fairs so decided to see if I could find a few pieces to compliment the clothes I am taking along to Crikey its Vintage next month.

What do you think ?  Have I made good choices ?  Really not sure, honest opinions please

I do love the three string bracelet with the rose cameo, The pretty heart shape is a brooch and the rings are blingatacious !  Not sure ?

Love, love, love these two immaculate Langley "Lucerne" saucepans in chocolate and blue !  They date from the 1960's and are in immaculate condition.  Again, might have a problem parting with them.

Even gorgeous pale blue inside !  You wouldn't want to put anything in them .  The shapes are wonderful.

That's it for this week.  Will catch up soon with a post about the clothes I am taking to my vintage fairs this year.

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oh the Romance !

I came across the above photograph and this amazing story behind it.

Some things are best left alone

I really didn't want to get out om my cosy warm bed this morning but hubby was getting bootsale withdrawal fever and persuaded me to go along even though it was minus 3 outside.

Only the foolish and the hardy were out this morning.

Our first find was this pair of stools.  I love them scratched paint and battered as they are. I am tempted to leave them alone.  What do you think ?  Would you buy them like this or would you prefer them all nicely painted ?

I am on a mission at the moment not to buy too much more china until I sell on the huge stock I already have but well when you see it, whats a girl supposed to do ?

Remember my gorgeous Pink spot Royal Vale  set ?  Look what I found today.  Sadly only a couple of pieces .

Selling china at vintage fairs is getting tough at the moment. Lots of other sellers competing for business.  I thought as I have a large selection of vintage silk and cashmere clothes I might try my hand selling some of those on.  When I saw this gorgeous vintage tapestry evening bag and tiny coin purse  I felt sure some pretty young thing would love it .  Hope so xx

Look at the teeny satin purse that came with the bag.  Imagine carrying your pennies in it.

Not old, Laura Ashley but such gorgeous colours.  Perfect for soft, romantic candlelight.

Not much this week.  It was far too cold to stay out but I am pleased with my little lot.

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