For Sale

January has been a really busy month.  Catch up after christmas holidays with the family.  Then the dreaded accounts and tax return (always left until the last minute).  Lots of new stock to list on my other love  and now its time to turn my attention to my real love.  My gorgeous vintage homewares and reloved furniture business.  I am seriously considering renting some shop space, but until that dream is realised, I need to get listing in my Etsy store.

Some of the items coming soon :

Soooo pretty Limoges Cake plate

might be hard to part with this totally gorgeous trio

Thought it was about time I stopped hoarding and started selling some of my linens


  1. Good luck witht he business in 2012 - be ruthless, everything can go!

  2. lol, you are so right. Thank you lovely lady xx

  3. Love the cake plate - far too pretty to cover with a cake!

  4. I am coveting the tea cups, how gorgeous!