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January has been a really busy month.  Catch up after christmas holidays with the family.  Then the dreaded accounts and tax return (always left until the last minute).  Lots of new stock to list on my other love  and now its time to turn my attention to my real love.  My gorgeous vintage homewares and reloved furniture business.  I am seriously considering renting some shop space, but until that dream is realised, I need to get listing in my Etsy store.

Some of the items coming soon :

Soooo pretty Limoges Cake plate

might be hard to part with this totally gorgeous trio

Thought it was about time I stopped hoarding and started selling some of my linens

Chandelier Envy

One of the things I love to do most in the world when I have a spare moment is to trawl through the many amazing American blogs I follow.  Americans really know how to "do" blogging and always seem to find the most extraordinary things.

I literally gasped when I came across the beautiful blog that is Maison Decor belonging to the talented Amy.  This chandelier is the stuff of dreams.  I have been searching for it all my life, I had it in my minds eye but have been unable to find it and then...... There it was !  Read her story about how she came across this exquisite  piece

Can you imagine living in such a home with such a thing of beauty ?   I am beyond envy .........

Be still my beating heart !

It's been a while since our last visit to the boot sale and to be honest when hubby woke me at 6.00am this morning I was all for turning over and going back to sleep.  Thing is I know how much he enjoys our little meander together on sleepy Sunday mornings so I heaved myself out of bed and am I glad I did.

I still wasn't feeling it at first.  It was dark, absolutely freezing cold, I had forgotten my gloves and ended up wearing a rather fetching woolly Flybe hat! Some bloke even called me mate ! that's how bad I looked.

I am so glad I did go and also thank you to the person who decided not to buy as they thought £10 was too much to pay for this little lot !

I've been really keen to hand print my own labels and bags for the vintage fairs I sell at but every time I look online for stamp sets they are either too small, cheap and fall apart or don't print clearly.  When I saw this set on the sellers table I felt sure they were going to be out of my price range so when she said £10 for the lot I couldn't get my money out quick enough.

There is every conceivable letter, number and sign you could possibly need.  Borders, hearts, flowers and two ink pads etc thrown in for good measure.  Looking at the clothing the woman is wearing on the cover of the book that accompanies the set I think it dates from the 70's .

It even has the  Neo print unit and base plate - all in immaculate condition.  I can't find much info  about Neoprint, if anybody has any knowledge of printing I would love to know more.

I can't wait to get started using this and will let you know how I get on.

Something about the tarnished, worn look of old housewares that I really love.  As long as there are no cracks or potential health risks lurking  I am more than happy to buy them.  This gorgeous jug is a bit of a contradiction, the glass is sparkly, heavy, thick and immaculate.   The top is worn,scratched and tarnished.  I love it !  Don't think this one will be sold for a while.....

Soooo Pretty. This gorgeous cheese dish was lying under the table in a box full of junk!  Always, always look under the table as well as on it when you go booting.  I find some amazing stuff in boxes that people can't be bothered to unpack!

I found a selection of pretty single pattern plates and cups.  I will always buy odd cups, saucers and plates.  I love the mix and match look of vintage china and sellers are always willing to sell them for a song in most cases.

I adore the aqua colour of this plate.  Sadly there was only one but now it has been rescued and will be loved and used every day.

Ohh! la! la! what story does this plate tell ?  Gorgeous French Mademoiselle why was she drinking alone ? Did she rush off from her table to meet her French lover ? Hurrying who knows where with her pretty French poodle. 

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Bathroom Renovation

One memory that stands out from the many on the day we moved into this house was the sight of my good friend sitting upstairs in the filthy cast iron bath scrubbing like a woman possessed and  crying her heart out

What's behind the vintage trend ?

Vintage has been the buzz word in fashion, interior and media trends for a number of years now, with everything from 1950s’ dresses to 1970s’G Plan furniture making a comeback. But what’s behind our current obsession with the past that has many of us turning our homes into time-warps? Guest blogger Jo-ann Fortune, from, explores three possible answers.

Recession rallying

When times are hard, rose-tinted memories of yesteryear can offer comfort. For those in middle age, the iconic mid-century furniture and home accessories that they grew up with – think Homemaker crockery, sleek Ercol pieces and soft furnishings in a naturalistic print – can help recall a time when their lives were simpler. And to those too young to remember such interior aesthetics the first time round, the stylish advertising of the day – brought back to life by shows such as Mad Men – paints them as defining a time full of promise and glamour.

Tightening our belts has also meant going out less and entertaining at home more, which has brought out the domestic goddess in many of us. Items we once considered to be archaic, such as cake stands, hostess trolleys and full tea sets have become central to our hostess-with-the-mostess shtick.

Of course buying second hand, from charity shops, car boot sales and flea markets, is also much cheaper than furnishing your home with brand new tables, chairs and cushions – another reason why our interiors have become full of items that wouldn’t look out of place in our parents or grandparents’ homes.

Fashion cycles

Fashion constantly refers to the past for inspiration, and it could be argued that our recent love of postmodern pastiche – mixing elements of the past to create ‘new’ styles and ideas – strengthens sociologists’ ‘end of history’ theories.

While the widely held definition of vintage is anything from over twenty years previous, half a century offers sufficient time for themes to be properly processed in terms of historical and social importance, to go out of fashion and reappear again as something fresh to a new generation.

Having been designed from modernist principles of utility and futurist ideals, the mid-century styles proving so popular at the minute are also imbued with an intrinsic sense of longevity.     

High-street backlash?

The globalisation of brands and proliferation of the same names on the high street has lead some of us to seek out original and unique pieces with which to create our own personal sense of style. Just as fashion fans search out that special vintage piece that will make them to envy of their friends, mixing one-off finds with handmade pieces and family heirlooms can help make your house a home, rather than looking like a showroom.   

Second-hand items also come with a sense of history and meaning that it’s difficult to buy new. Although, having said that, there are some pretty fabulous revival collections and reimagined vintage pieces on the high street. After all, if you can’t beat ‘em…

This is a sponsored post, I received John Lewis products in payment.