Soy Candle Cups

I'm not somebody who consideres myself "crafty" in any shape or form.  I look on in wonder at women who make and bake and craft their way through life, but after applying for one particular fair and being turned down because my items were not handmade I thought "right, I'll show them ! "  and decided to have a go at making some candle cups.  How hard could it be ?  It wasn't !  in fact, it was possibly the simplest thing I have ever done.

I'm really pleased with the results of my first attempt.  Many more to follow.


Where there's muck there's brass !

I receive many comments about how lovely the items are I find at boot sales and how immaculate they look. In most cases I don't buy them this way, many are overlooked by other buyers because of the condition they are in.  Some of my best buys have been buried under layers of dirt,dust and rubbish, just screaming out for a good wash. 

Todays haul was no exception.  There seems to be an increase in "man with a van" types turning up at my local Sunday morning boot sale, they unload box after box of household items that have clearly been aquired from house clearances.  Many probably sitting in attics for years or in the cupboards of the elderly and infirm.  This is a double edged sword for me as I often feel a pang of sadness for the life that has been and the fact that many treasured possessions end up this way, but then I feel cheered by the knowledge that hopefully they would be pleased to know I rescue their items and they go onto be loved again.

BEFORE (although you can't really see how filthy the water jugs and cake stand were).  See the wire attached to the aqua dishess !  Why would you hang these on the wall ? Most odd.


A good long soak in hot soapy water, bit of a wash with bicarbe and how fab do they look.

I might have to keep these aqua plates and dishes for a while, each one has a different flower design painted onto it, I love them !

Beautiful heavy Aqua coloured glass jug (was full of sediment and yuck in the bottom & sides)  Hot water, bicarb and a good soak and it looks fab! 

Don't be scared to barter the price, the lady initially asked for £5 for this little lot, when I pointed out the condition and the missing saucers I got them all for £3.  Washed up a treat, lovely Duchess English Bone China.

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