China, China Everywhere !

I haven't been to the boot sale for a few weeks, weather or other commitments prevented me, so when hubbies alarm went off at 5.30 am this morning I bounced out of bed all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

 Arriving at the boot sale it was not the usual cram of vehicles, it seemed really quiet considering how lovely the morning was.  On days like this I get that "oh I'm not going to find anything today" feeling.  Treasure was thin on the ground from the trade dealers but as soon as they opened the gates to the "family booters"  the loot started piling up.

It was definitely a china day today.  Which is great because I really need to stock up my Etsy shop and start building up the stock for the Christmas vintage fairs I am planning to attend.

Unfortunately somebody else beat me to the lady selling these gorgeous, so delicate cups and saucers.  Luckily she was only interested in some of the pieces. (horror ! she wanted them to make candle cups out of )  I could have cried that such beautiful delicate china was going to be used for this latest trend.  Anyway I still managed to bag all the side plates and two dinner plates and one cup and saucer.

I found when I sold at the Vintage fair that people really liked my idea of putting sets of china into wicker baskets lined with crisp white linen napkins, so I am always really pleased when I find complete sets of cups and saucers .

Really liked these ironware cream and sugar pots, don't think they are that old but look vintage : )

Oh! pretty, pretty, pretty ! and sold last night to my gorgeous Twitter friend Agnes (thank you so much ) xx

and be still my beating heart !  White ! lots of gorgeous, immaculate white English Bone China.

Pretty plates

and ooooh so pretty Rosebud teaset

Lots more including a beautiful art deco black and white tea set, lots more plates, some linen and a few books.  Most will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop soon.

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Printable Alphabet Bunting

I spend far too much time looking at gorgeous blogs. 

 From time to time I come across a post that I simply have to tell people about.  Take a look at this gorgeous paper Alphabet Bunting you can download and print it off.  So pretty, easy and cheap. 

 Perfect for parties or just to brighten up  your room .

Pop over to Ruffled blog  and follow the simple download instructions.

Hecworth - Australian Silver Elegance

This weeks post is dedicated to just one purchase from yesterdays boot sale.  I swooped in and bagged this beautiful set seconds before an Antiques dealer who I regularly see on a Sunday morning.  I found out when I got home why he didn't look best pleased !

One of the most enjoyable parts of my boot sale treasure after buying it, is researching it on google.  Sometimes its really straightforward to find dates, manufacturer etc and sometimes it takes a bit of digging.  The seller told me that this was a Hecworth Tea and coffee set from Australia.   Which I must admit I thought didn't seem likely, it looks so classically English !  He was right.  There was no Hecworth on the UK sites anywhere and all the google ebay links lead to Australian Ebay.  There was a similar set selling on Australian Ebay but it was in appalling condition.  Mine as you can see is totally mint, a few small scratches on one of the pots but apart from that it doesn't even look as if it has ever been used.

I did a bit more digging and then came up with a webpage from a museum in Australia with this picture and information !

Statement of significance
This tea service is from the collection of silver and EPNS (electroplated nickel silver) tableware, trophies, napkin rings and spoons made and/or used in Australia between the 1890s and 1950s. Presented to the Museum in 2002, the collection was assembled in the 1980s and 1990s by Professor G W Kenneth Cavill, an Emeritus Professor of the University of New South Wales. In his retirement, Professor Cavill has researched and published the histories of notable early 20th century Australian silverware manufacturers. The collection is representative of their products and includes many rare objects. It was put together to both document and preserve examples of the golden era for the production of domestic silverware in Australia. Rare manufacturers' catalogues of the 1920s and 1930s that complete the collection, show the extensive range of products then available

The hollowware represented in the collection was made in electroplated nickel silver (EPNS) and reproduction Sheffield plate (electroplated silver on copper). Finely made and modestly priced, Australian silverware competed strongly with imported goods. Since the 1950s, table silverware has largely given way to stainless steel. Souvenir and giftware such as spoons and napkin rings are particularly well represented.

Napkin rings made in Australia are comparable in quality to British wares of the same period - a similarity the donor notes is largely due to supervisors being recruited from Birmingham or London. Whilst simple napkin rings were within the capabilities of an apprentice, elaborate ones required much expertise. Reflecting this range, the collection encompasses a wide range of styles from Arts and Crafts to Art Deco and in techniques that include engraving by hand and machine, stamping, and fretwork.

Tea and coffee service, consisting of tea pot, water jug, coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl, silver plate on copper, 'Hecworth' Plate made by Platers Pty Ltd, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia, 1940 - 1945

A five piece matching tea and coffee service made of silver electroplated copper. The tea pot is rectangular in shape, has a short pedestal foot, a concave top and hinged stepped lid with Bakelite finial. The 's' shaped spout extends from low on the body to beyond shoulder and attached to opposite side is a black Bakelite square-topped handle. The water pot and coffee pots are rectangular in shape with high slightly flaring sides, short pedestal feet, concave tops and hinged stepped lids with Bakelite finials. The 's' shaped spouts extend from low on the body to beyond shoulder and attached to opposite side is a black Bakelite square-topped handle. The creamer and sugar bowls are rectangular in shape with open tops, short pedestal fee and square-topped silver handles. A 'rope' patterned border decorated rims of foot and shoulder on all pieces. All are marked on base.

Made: Platers Pty Ltd; St Kilda, Victoria; 1940 - 1945
The Registration Number of an object is a unique identifying number applied by the museum at the point of acquisition. Current numbering format comprises the year of acquisition, followed by a sequential number. For example, '2007/45' is the Registration Number that represents the 45th acquisition in the year 2007. Registration number

Production date
1940 - 1945

I'd love to know how it came to be in the UK, so wish I had asked some questions of the seller at the boot sale.  I can't find any reference to value and the museum has no email address.  What do you think, valuable ?

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White china day

It's often the case when I go out searching for treasure that I get a bit of a theme going on.  Not sure if its one of those subconscious things where you find one piece and then seem to hone in on similar.  This week's boot sale found us arriving late, the twins just didn't want to get out of bed at 6.00am, can't imagine why !  On arrival the cars were queuing down the road, a mixture of boot sellers and buyers.  It was chaos everywhere, the normal orderly lines were all over the place, I can only think that they must have had new stewards who didn't know what they were doing.  I could see the early morning booters in full swing as I impatiently  sat in the car, hubby decided not to cut in around the roundabout as I would and instead "faffed" about, this is always guaranteed to make me get slightly hot under the collar as I see all my treasures disappear into another buyers trolley.  In a fit of peak I decided I wasn't sitting around waiting for him to decide where he was going to park and jumped out the car with a backward wave and a comment of "find me when you decide what to do " !  and off I trotted...

First treasure of the day, pretty white and floral Gladstone bone china cup and saucer .

The same seller also sold me this pretty cake stand, unfortunately she was one of those people that assures you all is well with the item and you find out when you get home its not !  Wasn't the end of the world though, it was only the small base screw that was missing and my hubby always has the necessary part in his Aladdins cave of a workshop to fix it.  Again gorgeous White bone china with pretty pink floral pattern.

After the success of the Vintage fair a few weeks ago, I sold out of all my rosebud patterned china so I was really pleased to come across this pretty little Crown Royal jug and matching dinner plate (forgot to photograph the dinner plate sorry)

It seems I might be turning into a bit of booty totty for the local gentlemen of a certain age !  Believe me I am NOT flattered.  After being told I could trade my wares for a dinner date a few weeks ago, I was given this really pretty Johnson Brothers plate free with the Gramophone Unit we purchased and he also gave the twins Disney alarm clocks each, whilst telling my hubby how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous wife ! Lucky for hubby he agreed.

Next up this gorgeous, absolutely too die for Royal Vale Bone China white with pink spots tea set comprising of 6 cups and saucers, side plates, two sandwich plates and a milk jug !  They were really dirty, but I could so see their beauty shining through.  The lady was as thrilled as I was that I was so thrilled (if that makes sense) sometimes its hard to remain cool and to appear disinterested when you find a real treasure.  I just had to show how pleased I was with my find.  As you can see, lots of hot soapy water and they have washed up a treat. 

One of my favourite pieces of glassware is Milkglass.  You don't see much of it in this country and I spend many hours drooling over the pieces for sale on Etsy in America.  I love this hobnail design and was really chuffed to pick this piece up for 50p !

Finally this gorgeous wicker "bowl" in immaculate condition was mine for just £5 !  I was astounded, these days most people seem to think even the tattiest piece of wicker is worth a small fortune and I tend to pass them up.  I think it looks fab with some of my books nestled inside, not sure what I will ultimately use it for but its a wonderful, quality piece.

Thats my lot for this week.  Please take a moment to pop over and see what all the other magpies have found at this week's MagpieMonday.