Christmas Wreaths

Each year I add to my collection of Christmas Wreaths.  I have them all over the house and think they make beautiful displays on a door, wall, just about anywhere.  This year I am going to have a go at making some myself and hope to display them on the large wall on our stairway .  Be back soon ...........

Bubble ball wreath - Curbly

A really simple idea to copy - cookie cutter from good housekeeping USA

Ooohh ! my kind of Wreath - Vintage Costume Jewellery - Better Homes and Gardens

Ribbon Wreath

Another simple idea to follow - Scarf wrapped Wreath from Country Living  USA

I absolutely LOVE this idea, wish I could afford to buy all the crayons required to make it !

oooh if its cold enough, how about a frozen berry werath !

Marshmellow wreath ! Yummy, yum yum !

If you still want more pop over to the amazing blog Under The Table and Dreaming where all these great images came from xx


  1. Brilliant! The scarf and the marshmellows are my favourites. Can't wait to see your homemade wreaths when they're ready.

  2. That marshmallow wreath wouldn't last 5 minutes with me around! I'm taken with the cookie cutter one - I have them hanging off my tree and my big snowflake one on a ribbon against the door but hadn't thought to combine them into a wreath.

  3. Ohhh it's starting to look a lot like Christmas! Lovely Pics, can't wait to see yours :)) xx

  4. yep, I'm crazy for the cookie cutter wreath too, wonder how it's held together...hmmm...plots! wreaths do indeed rock x

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies and Welcome Max : ) My parents have just come back from three months at their 2nd home in NZ : ) The cookie cutters are held together by the red ribbons I would imagine xx

  6. There are some brilliant ideas there! Love the Crayola one xx