The Twins room

It's taken a while, but the twins finally have a room to be proud of.  It combines my love of light and bright but is also still boyish enough to please them.  As this house only had three bedroom, we decided to give the twins the biggest room.  We knew as they grew they would inevitably need the extra room to have a sense of their own space.

These pictures show their room the day we moved in.

When I look at the above photo's I wonder how on earth we coped.  Every room was full to bursting with our stuff, we had six month old twins and a 10 yr old who sulked and hated the house not understanding why we had left our previous large, beautiful home for this filthy house ! 

This is how their room looks now :

The view through through the twins bedroom door into their room.  The blue cupboard is the white one you see in the first photograph.  

On the wall where the fireplace was my husband built floor to ceiling storage shelves

My husband also made the wooden letters spelling out the twins names

The twins "reading Corner"  bookcase made by daddy and cushions an absolute steal from Primark. Blinds and chairs from IKEA

New white bunk beds from Ebay, wonderful luxury childrens red and white gingham bedding generously given to me by my sponsor Mel who owns babou and a makeover for an old chest of drawers, along with a fantastic vinyl sticker clock from the wonderful Etsy seller chocovenyl complete the look.


  1. It's beautiful Karen, a room any little boys would love. And they keep it so tidy too... ;-)

  2. Wow Karen, it's gorgeous!! I need a room like that for my two big girls..our landlady is sorting out the attic room for us at the moment and having it all redecorated/carpeted's huge up there so will be great when it's done and we have a say in how it's decorated. The girls want white walls and for me to make some colourful patchwork bedspreads...might take me a while but it should look nice! :)

  3. It looks fabulous - what a great make-over, love the reading corner and the amazing book case :o) Scarlett x

  4. Wow, it's gorgeous! I am decorating the kids bedroom soon, and because they are girl & boy I'm really struggling but this is so perfect. Can I borrow you for a few days....!?


  5. What a beautifully stylish boys' bedroom - fabulous. I love the wooden letters your husband made too.

  6. Hi Katie, of course : ) Thank you xx

  7. Makinggooduse Thank you for your kind comment I will tell my hubby you like his handywork : ) xx

  8. I just found your blog from a blog and a blog and a blog, if you know what I mean. :D I love that shade of blue. Can you share the colour/paint?

  9. wow what a transformation i love it xx I know what you mean about when you move in a smaller house thinking oh god what have we done we are struggling with that too. Any house can look lovely though no matter what size your room is proff of this.
    thanks for linking up
    Cat xx