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Bedroom Style with Palms and House Plants

Here we go again !  Do you have a room that you feel never quite looks right ?  I feel that way about my bedroom. Its been blue and white, all white, grey and white

Top tips for a bedroom worthy of a magazine


I am always really flattered when people comment on my home but more often than not they follow the statement with "I could never keep my home so neat and tidy" .  Believe me, I don't spend every waking hour cleaning and tidying my home, I think I've just learnt a few tricks over the years.

Wallpaper or Paint ?

Don't get me wrong I am a confirmed lover of an all white home but sometimes, just sometimes I have a yearning for a bright, patterned accent wall. 

Pine Wardrobe Makeover

It wasn't so long ago that my bedroom caught the grey bug.  I loved it for a while, but then, like always, I just had to go back to mostly white with blue accents.

A Very British Hygge

January, not a month most of us would consider our happiest month of the year.  For many there are the post Christmas blues and the long, long wait until the next payday comes around.  Not to mention the weather ! 

Winter White - Frith Rugs

Decorating our home for Winter is about layering textures and white tones.  White looks amazing in the Summer with the sunshine flooding the windows but can look cold and harsh in the Winter. 

Decorating with Neutrals for Christmas

Christmas , my favourite time of year.  I love everything about the anticipation, the build up, the special indulgent food, the time to rest and spend time with family and friends and of course, the decorating !